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    Bitstamp is a cryptocurrency exchange notable for starting in 2011, making it one of the first places to buy and exchange Bitcoin. It’s a good choice for beginner and casual cryptocurrency investors looking to buy and sell with competitive rates and an easy-to-use interface.

    Opening a Bitstamp Account

    Opening a Bitstamp login account is a quick and easy process that takes about five to ten minutes.

    To get started, you'll enter and verify your email address and set an account password. Choose a unique password to keep your account as secure as possible. Next, you’ll be prompted to connect with a multi-factor authentication app like Google Authenticator.

    To meet Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements, you’ll be prompted to upload an image of your photo ID along with a short video of yourself reading a three-digit code. Once you submit your pictures and personal contact information, including a Social Security number, your account goes into a queue for review.


    Once you receive your activation email, you can log in and fund your account using a bank account. You can also buy crypto directly with a debit card for an added fee or deposit crypto from an outside wallet to get started.

    Overall, the signup process is very similar to other cryptocurrency exchanges.


    Customer Service

    Bitstamp customer service is available by email 24/7, and you can get phone assistance 24/7 as well by calling 1-800-712-5702 (for U.S. customers). There’s also an extensive help section where you can read answers to common questions about opening and using a Bitstamp account.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Like most crypto companies, Bitstamp receives mixed feedback from current and past users. Complaints primarily focus on slow withdrawal times and poor customer service interactions.

    As with most cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitstamp support is limited and you should expect to handle most account needs yourself. If you’re not comfortable managing your account and don’t have experience with online trading, such as with a brokerage account, you may struggle with the learning curve when starting with Bitstamp login.


    Account Management

    You can manage your Bitstamp account through a simple online dashboard that shows your portfolio contents, transaction history, current trading fee tier, and other account balances.

    How Bitstamp Compares to Other Cryptocurrency Companies

    Bitstamp’s combination of low trading fees and an easy-to-use platform make it a good choice for a wide range of users. However, it offers a relatively small list of cryptocurrencies for trading and staking, which could be improved.

    Bitstamp vs. Coinbase

    Bitstamp login and Coinbase both offer beginner-friendly platforms and a range of cryptocurrency services. Here’s a head-to-head comparison of several essential features:



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